If you know me in real life then you will know that I am a really open minded and tolerant person. I’m a live and let live type of person. I won’t judge you on your job, ethnicity, sexuality etc , but I will judge you on whether you are an arsehole or not. 

Today Jack and I were in town, we were having a great time. In every shop the staff knew Jack and were really happy to see him, we made new friends too which always happens. Jack is the friendliest person that you are likely to meet , he talks to everyone, he compliments people and dishes out hugs with gay abandon. People always tell us that he brightens their day . We had just finished having coffee with our friend Nigel and were on our way home when a woman pushed past Jack and made him lose his balance , she was trying to push to the front of the queue in a bakery. Jack immediately apologised even though it wasn’t his fault and the nasty old trout started shouting at him. Now I’ve been Jacks Mum for 18 years so am sadly used to some people’s ignorance and will always try to calmly explain that Jack has a disability, but today I totally lost it. I wiped the floor with her, I threatened to do all sorts to her before she walked away looking sheepish. I was still upset when I got home , and as soon as Jack went out with his support worker I burst into tears. 

I mean WTF is wrong with people? 

I get that some people are a little wary of Jack – I mean the guy is huge and very loud, however just a quick conversation with him will tell you that he really is a gentle giant ( his sister Lucy on the other hand looks angelic but will f**k you up , make no mistake) but surely there is no need to be unpleasant? 

We get lots of funny looks from people when we are out and about, I mean it’s not everyday you see a family having a drink in Costa with fox the wolf or a fat bird carrying a Christmas cow into the hairdressers, for the most part we are oblivious to the staring as it happens so frequently, which I guess is really sad. Why do people feel the need to stare? Mind your own business and go about your day. We were at a museum once and Ian told one family that the exhibits were over there and pointed in the opposite direction to our little family. 

It’s not difficult people, if you see something that you don’t understand then educate yourselves, ignore it, accept it or f**k off. But whatever you do , don’t stare or make ill conceived remarks. If you see us in Port Talbot then come and say hello, we don’t bite. Well Lucy does a bit ……