A few weeks ago one of my colleagues blushed at work ( he is only 20) and I quipped that I hadn’t blushed like that since before he was born, another colleague said “‘yeah Kath but you’re shameless ” and we all laughed. But it made me think, very little embarrasses me and I think I have Jack to thank for that . He has said and done things that would probably make most people die of shame. So here are a few snippets 

In Tesco with Jack and amongst the items on the conveyor belt was a razor, all the staff know Jack so the very nice lady commented that Jack was a big boy now that he was shaving . Jack immediately said ” no its for my mothers moustache and hairy legs” . I should have probably mentioned that Jack talks at the top of his voice all the time. 

Another time he asked if he could watch a DVD of Spartacus which contains scenes of graphic violence, I told him no and that it was only for grown ups. I thought no more about it until I found out that Jack had told his teacher ” Mammy and Ian have got DVDS in their bedroom only for grown ups” I mean I tried to explain but made myself sound even more guilty. 

Then there were the two occcasions whilst travelling in the car. The first time we drove past a lady walking with five children and he bellowed out of the window ” oi, Von Traps” . The second occasion he saw a slightly overweight guy jogging and hollared ” run fat boy run” 

He also told someone I didn’t know very well that I wouldn’t get out of the car as I wasn’t wearing a bra. Oh and he told someone that he had been woken up by Mammy’s headboard banging on his bedroom wall. 

So I guess after all this , I really am shameless