Most of the Carers that I speak to are to some extent obsessed with poo ( true story) either because they spend a lot of time cleaning it up, measuring out the exact dose of laxatives because too much or too little is an absolute disaster, they examine poo daily looking for signs of change or maybe because the person that they care for is a little bowel obsessed. I will admit that my life is a combination of the afore mentioned. 

We have had many awful experiences with poo and the kids. Recently I returned from the kitchen to the sitting room to find the dog ( who isn’t the brightest bless her) barking at a strange object on the sitting room floor. I didn’t have my glasses on so squinted at the mystery object as a crept closer, yep it was a human shit!!! Lucy was standing on the sofa pointing at it and asking me to take a photograph and put it on ” spacebook” whilst Jack hid under the dinning room table. Of course they all denied responsibility. 

We have also had days when there has been a trail from the sitting room to the downstairs loo and it’s like a scene from Watership down ( tiny pellets every where)

One of my favourite stories is a few years old now. Jack was in a well known high street store with his wonderful support worker Jukes ( Julia) as they were browsing Jukes became aware that two members of staff were standing very close to them and ranting about how disgusting it was, a confused Jukes turned around to be confronted by two women armed with a piece of cardboard, antibacterial spray, gags made out of tea towels and one had a load of kitchen roll wrapped around her hand, it looked like a boxing glove apparently. Jukes looked at the object of their disgust which was of course a humongous turd. A horrified Jukes ushered Jack out of the shop whilst agreeing with the staff that it was awful, Jack had remained silent throughout the whole exchange. As they get back to the car Jack said ” sorry Jukes” she asked him what for and he replied ” for dropping a poo out of my trousers” . I still feel awful every time I go into that shop.